Berry Metal Company is famous as the leading world-wide author and the producer of technological base for injection tips in the steel industry.

It has been 50 years since the company Berry Metal got a very good reputation not just for the quality of products, but also for their technical service and the ability of repairing. At the present, the company takes the leading place in creating of a new partnerships with technological innovators all over the world.

Philosophy of the Berry Metal Company is to provide services for present and a new clients, as a responsible partner providing new innovations in achieving of efficiency, by lower prices and by increasing of efficiency in steel production.They tend to get the progressive technologies closer to the clients.

The aim of Berry Metal Company is to deliver technologies of tomorrow to the companies for using them today.

Berry Metal Company is the biggest constructor and author of Oxygen Tips and first in the additional values of tip technologies delivered in North America.

Berry Metal Company delivers Oxygen Tips Cooling by the Water, Injection Tips, Sensor Tips, Oxygen Torches and additional equipments. The company provides repairing services, technical support, complete replacement parts and the service area.